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In April, 1907, back in the days when Pomona was still in the village stage, Mr. Walter B. Todd founded the firm known today as Todd Memorial Chapel. He was impressed by the hospitality and friendless of Pomona’s citizens, by the opportunities Pomona afforded those who sincerely wanted to become a part of the community and grow and prosper with the town. It was his desire to create an institution which would reflect the atmosphere of kindliness and understanding of the community in which it was located, and through helpful, neighborly service, became a credit to that community. The institution early assumed a position of leadership in the mortuary field throughout Pomona Valley and the State of California. As time went on facilities were expanded and additions were made to the personnel. Here, too, Mr. Todd established a wise and thoughtful policy, carefully selecting his associates for their ability not only to serve professionally but also for their sincere desire to take an active part in community life.

When Mr. Todd passed away in 1933, active management of the organization was assumed by his son, John R. Todd, who carried on with the same sincere desire to broaden and increase the scope of the services this institution had to offer. Following John R. Todd’s sudden death in 1947, his sons, Richard K. Todd and John W. Todd, together with Lawrence C. Smith, carried on the program Walter B. and John R. Todd started. They greatly broadened the scope of the services provided by Todd Memorial Chapel, and in 1954, Todd Memorial Chapel in Claremont was constructed. Today, Todd Memorial Chapel is actively managed by fourth generation, John R. Todd and fifth generation, Brian E. Pewe, along with Keith E. Pewe.

Throughout our existence, we have maintained price structures that make it possible for all to utilize the services we offer. Most of all, after one hundred years, Todd Memorial Chapel is still a home-town, valley-wide institution, an organization offering helpful neighborly service, dedicated to the needs of all faiths and serving all cemeteries.

John R. Todd Keith E. Pewe Brian E. Pewe


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