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Pre-arranging a funeral can be as simple or as detailed as someone wishes it to be. Some people just have questions they need answered over the phone. What do we do when our loved one dies, who do we call first, how much is this all going to cost? We have found that knowing this basic information seems to be most helpful. Most families however, will want to set an appointment to come into the funeral home or have us go out to their own home and select the type of services they would like, casket, flowers, etc. When making these pre-arrangements most people will pay for, or start making payments for the funeral. Although this is certainly not required!

Todd Memorial Chapel offers a variety of pre-payment programs to accommodate most every family’s budget. The biggest advantage of pre-paying is that by doing so the consumer is guaranteed today’s prices. This saves the survivors the burden of having to come up with the funds when the death occurs.

For those individuals trying to qualify for state assistance (Medical, SSI) pre-paying for your funeral does not count as an asset! Any funds set aside can be transferred to another funeral home; such as if one moves out of state or passes away elsewhere.

For further information regarding pre-arrangements please contact Todd Memorial Chapel. 909-622-1217



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